Thermal Auricular Therapy

(Ear Candling) is a therapy that involves inserting and lighting the ear candle into the clients' ear. The client lies on their side with the therapist at their head. The candle is supported by the therapist hands keeping it in place and the candle will burn down to an indicator line which will usually take 15-20 minutes and then it is removed gently. The client turns over and the process is repeated. Afterwards an ear, neck and head massage will be given to help clear ear and nasal passages. 

This treatment is extremely relaxing, is not uncomfortable in any way and may have many benefits which may include:
  • irritation in the ears or sinus problems
  • Itchy ears
  • Colds & flu - the candles may help to relieve symptoms of a cold or flu by helping to clear the airways
  • The treatment is relaxing & de-stressing
  • May help people suffering from noises in the ear & tinnitus
  • Stimulates the energy flow
  • Snoring - the candles may help to drain the nasal passages
  • Headaches & migraines - the candles and massage may help to increase the blood circulation and reduce stress and tension in the head and neck
  • May help with excessive or compacted ear wax. Ear wax that is impacted on the eardrum will be warmed and may also be loosened by this treatment. It may take 48 hours for the wax to travel away from the ear
  • May help ease neuralgia (pain caused by irritation of, or damage to, a nerve)